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GV’s of “VOLARE” on Commercial Street, Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire, UK

A customer bit off more than she could chew after leaving a lukewarm review on TripAdvisor for a Huddersfield tapas restaurant.

Genna Thorpe was branded ÒignorantÓ after leaving a three-star review on Volare, in Skelmanthorpe , claiming five dishes failed to leave her and her husband full.

When staff spotted the review describing the meal as Ònice but not worth the driveÓ, management responded. And boy were they not happy.

The review claimed the couple had made a 50 minute journey to the Spanish eaterie following a recommendation, and although complimentary over the food, said: ÒI know tapas is little dishes of picky food but in all the other places weÕve been weÕve ordered 5 dishes and been full. We ordered 5 and was still hungry [sic].Ó
Picture taken Tuesday 4th April 2017
A tapas restaurant in West Yorkshire has hit back at a customer after they left a three-star review on Tripadvisor over portion size.

Volare, in Skelmanthorpe, near Huddersfield, left a lengthy reply to Genna ThorpeÕs review after she said it was Ònice but not worth the driveÓ.

Jenna said she lived 50 minutes away from the restaurant and despite saying she was hungry, she ended the review saying she would probably come back if she lived closer.

Martino C, Owner at Volare, was clearly unhappy with the review and said Jenna behaved like a Òcowardly sit-at-home version Gordon Ramsey.Ó

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