Picture credit Charlotte Graham / Guzelian

Picture Shows The world Famous Coppergate Helmet of York

GV’s of the World Famous Centre, Jorvik, York, UK

Jorvik after devastating flooding, from the 2015/2016 floods in York, 16 months of hard work and with over 4.5 million spent on refurbishment the world famous Jorvik visitor attraction reopens on Saturday the 8th April 2017
JORVIK is split into three areas Ð an orientation space called Discover Coppergate, the recreation of the Viking city streets called Experience Coppergate, and the artefact galleries, called Explore Coppergate. The vast majority of the attraction is underground.
Discover Coppergate
In Discover Coppergate, four five-minute films run in succession with a five minute gap between shows. This involves projection onto the walls and a commentary using the voices of those involved in the dig
Experience Coppergate
This is the ride area, where visitors are transported around the Viking-age city in time capsules.

Picture taken Wednesday 5th April 2017

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